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Would you upgrade your tandem?  

  1. 1. Would you upgrade your tandem?

    • Crankset
    • BB
    • Chainrings
    • Wheels
    • Saddle stem

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Please let us know if you think tandems need more products to upgrade with. We seem to think tandems are at the short end of the stick, not much products.

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Guest Big H

Ivan I would vote for all except the saddle stem. Despite the beefed up tubing on tandems most suppliers stock proper stems or spacer frrules to suit. You may look at proper suspension seatposts for road and MTB tandems. ADMIN has since changed the voting system and multiple votes are not allowed. Where wheels are involved the normal road and mtb wheels of 36, 40 and 44 spoke configiguration are available. Hubs are available in Chosen (Hope) Shimano, Hugi, Chris King and other. Chainrings are stock standard and BB's exept your new fangled thingie that may work better on a tandems can be considered.


Rolf and Shimano sweet 16 wheelsets are superb.

Matching affordable cranksets is a definite yes yes !!!!!!!! They are commercially available as the Shimano Ultegra sets, Sugino, Truvativ and FSA.


Give us an example and the Tandemmers might be enticed!!!!!! I am in the market for a Road Tandem Crankset and are looking at this:-


http://www.precisiontandems.com/cat_pics/crshimano105tandem-th.jpg They are selling at US $ 195 Stateside and easy to importand made by Shimano. Would prefer them in Black though!!!!!


Captain 175mm / Stoker 170mm OR Captain 170mm / Stoker 170mm
130 BCD
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Thanks we are researching as Rotor are thinking of modifying the

cranks and bb to fit tandem. They need to know numbers

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A  common problem with tandems is either the lack of water bottle holders or accomodating 750ml bottles so on my tandem I replaced the existing ones with cages where the bottles slide in from the side.

If your BB's do go and need replacing - do not skimp and put the best ones in AND when ever your bike goes in for anything, make then check the BB.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Ivanb - the regrettable thing is that tandems come as one  fits all sizes which as you realise in cycling just wont work and 90% of the time the poor stoker bears the brunt of it. There are little gadgets that can make the stokers life easier but just not available. 

There are other logistics when it comes to doing the sport which puts prople off is like how do you transport a tandem?


I will PM with some ideas.
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