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  1. Yikes check my typing!! Thats physio's (physiotherapists) and chiro's (chiropractors) I dunno have a look do you? LOL Knee injuries are serious business, it can end the fun of running cycling or any sport quickly. Another point of interest which can also be factor to these knee pains. Leg extensions or knee extension it should be called is a bad exercise as it puts tremendous force on the ligaments etc in the knee when the weight is loaded and this seems to be a cause of many ligament injuries as the lower leg is pulled away from the upper leg and then the leg extension exercise is done while the ligaments are under strain. Sport medicine is now saying leg extension is a no no rather lunge or squat.
  2. Benny Vansteelant passes away Following a serious accident last Saturday when his bike was hit by a car near his hometown on Torhout, duathlon legend Benny Vansteelant, 30, died in the early hours of Friday morning. http://www.britishtriathlon.org/images/articles/vansteelant_benny.jpgThe initial impact had broken his leg in two places, broken his shoulder, perforated a lung and damaged some of the cardiac muscles. Having lost a lot of blood and undergone one operation, Benny had been transferred from intensive care into an observation ward; however on Friday morning his heart stopped and subsequent efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. The British Triathlon Federation express their deep sadness at Benny's passing and pass on their condolences to his friends, family and the Belgian Triathlon Federation. Earlier this year Benny impressively took victory at the European Duathlon Championships in Edinburgh having dominated the bike section in an awe-inspiring display of power and determination. Over an exceptional elite career Benny had won the World Duathlon four times, World Long-Distance Duathlon four times and European Duathlon five times. In 2001 he won all three titles in the same season.
  3. My sympathies go out to Benny Vansteelants family as he passsed away this morning. He is the current dualthlon champ many Powerman winner etc.Our Jason Spong raced against him many times and Benny was to visit SA for the first time and compete in Powerman SA in January 2008. What do we do to prevent these tragedies Benny Vansteelant - a life ended early Posted by: Editor Posted on: Friday 14th September 2007 Bookmark This | Print This Page | Send To A Friend The tragic news that Belgian duathlon legend Benny Vansteelant has died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the crash last week has been reported by the Belgian Standaard newspaper website: www.standaard.be According to the best translation we can currently get of the piece he had been moved out of intensive care following operations on his broken leg, shoulder and collapsed lung and was under regular observation on a recovery ward. His heart stopped sometime between ward checks at 5:30am and 6am and despite some 30 minutes of effort to revive him it proved impossible. UPDATE: There's a report in properly translated English on this website: www.vrtnieuws.net and we also have reports that doctors believe that he may have had some sort of seizure as he was actually found beside, rather than in, his bed. Thanks to all those contributing information to this story. His untimely death comes as a great shock to the duathlon world and his massive run of success at European and World level with 13 championship medals to his name plus the ability to win at both short and long distance races with equal ease marks him out as one of the truly great multisport athletes of his generation. It even looks as though the genetic twist of fate has struck twice as his younger brother, Joerie, has begun to emulate his success in recent years. Tri247 extends its deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Tributes are pouring in from all sides as those in the sport express their shock at the news. We spoke earlier with Clive Faine, Chair of the ITU's Duathlon Committee, who said, "He was, quite simply, the best".
  4. Yip that is true. First we need to see if it not a latent injury. With teh ohyios and chiro's w ework with we find with cyclists is that their quads are very strong and tend to pull the knecap off centre causing pain. the pain on the side of the knee often is a beginning of ITB which is an overuse injury and this can be pedal and cleat position to. It can also be due to saddle and set up. I am not discounting the fact that Q rings could have an influence on this but they do definitely reduce knee pain as many cyclists riding them have had knee pain which has dramatically reduce or stopped. We have had comments from physio's working with the rings and their patients with such results. Guys I only hope your pain is not serious and that you consider set up checks, your warm up and stretching before and after your ride. Please let me know how it progresses so we can assist and advise you where best we can.
  5. Hey windbreaker is that what you hide behind? Appropriate name. How come there are NO details about you on your profile? SO come out from behind your windbreaker and tell us who you are before you make these comments and then we can listen to you. It seems the westren cape is setting up an 'anti' lobby group. LOL thats cool
  6. Not sure Iven B has read this study... Not Yet, it is quite lengthy. I amreading it. Who is the guy and are you believing 1 study, like you said what equipment and is it reliable blah blah blah.? LOL Yeah will read and comment and as I have always said everyone is entitled to their own opinions and research.
  7. Welcome Home and well done Congrats Chersie
  8. Let me know if you need more we will also help.
  9. I pay for adverts here and can respond to forums about my products and everyone knows it is mine so I hide nothing.
  10. Hye hey thats not nice. I would never do that and you know it
  11. absoloutely nothing just saw it now. Why would I do that or are you jealous i didn't call you LOL
  12. Great to see another thread again. I'll have some of that popcorn
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