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Cycling the most dangerous sport ever?


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I believe Fidelity Gaurds have also taken up the national sport of running over cyclists.


Another cyclist suffered multiple life threatening injuries after being knocked down by a Fidelity Gaurds vehicle on Saterday.


Another one was knocked over Friday morning in Wonderboom poort.


I think it is time to get another sport.


BigH seems you are much safer than us.
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Big Mamma, How do you decide which forum to post to?  Next time try Tech Shack for this.

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Does it make any difference?
BIG MAMMA2007-04-22 11:27:31
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Try these


World's Most Dangerous Sports


Bull Riding - Dangerous Sport
1. BASE Jumping - BASE stands for Building, Antennnae, Span and Earth - these being the fixed objects that masters of this incredibly dangerous sport jump from. BASE jumpers will jump with a parachute off any tall structure including skyscrapers, electrical towers, bridges and cliffs. In the past, BASE jumpers have lept from the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. People who try this sport almost always end up arrested (it's not exactly legal) and some don't even live long enough to get arrested. (We told you it was dangerous.) Stick to lawn bowling.

2. Free Diving - Divers will plunge up to 400 feet (120 meters) underwater in a single breath. At the 2001 Free Diving World Cup, 15 people had to be rescued because of blackouts caused by their brains not getting enough oxygen.

3. Cave Diving - Imagine being more than 100 feet (30 meters) underwater in a deep, cold and dark cave. Divers are well trained but there are so many things that can go wrong which is why this is one of the world's most dangerous sports. You can lose your way, run out of air, your equipment can fail or you can be eaten alive by a cave creature.

4. Speed Skiing - This is the world's fastest non-motorized sport and one of the world's most dangerous sports. Skiers wear special skis and aerodynamic suits to fly down a hill at speeds up to 160 miles (250 kms) per hour! That's almost as fast as a racecar! One crash often means death.

5. Rock Fishing - Unless you're a fish, how can fishing be one of the world's most dangerous sports? Rock fishing involves casting a line into the ocean from the shoreline. People often forget about the tides and are swept


Tanya Streeter - Free Diver
away or are dragged underwater by massive waves. In 2001, 15 people in Australia died while rock fishing.

6. Bull Riding - Jump on a raging bull who hates your guts and try to hang on. That's the name of the game in bull riding. Some of the bulls weigh over 2000 pounds (900 kilos) and can throw a rider off in a split second - and may even stomp on the rider afterwards. Riders suffer broken bones, punctured lungs and even death.

7. Supercross - Athletes fly in the air on a motorcycle while doing backflips, taking their hands off the handlebars and other death-defying stunts.

8. Solo Yacht Racing - In a race around the world, sailors encounter waves, sharks, hurricanes and even pirates. The nearest help can be hundreds of miles away and racers have no control over the conditions they run into. With no one nearby to help them out, racers can lose the race and their lives.

9. Street Luging - Highly modified skateboards are used to race down a hill at speeds up to 80 miles (128 kms) per hour. The pioneers of this sport originally raced down hills in the middle of traffic which made it even more risky. There are now special luges and equipment for the sport which make it much safer. But hey, you're still hitting pavement when you crash.

10. Riding a Bike - We've all heard the phrase "it's as easy as riding a bike." Well, riding a bike can still be dangerous. In 2001, more kids broke bones or dislocated joints riding bicycles than any other sport.

What do you think is the world's most dangerous sport? Let Kidzworld know.

Related Stories:

The Dangers of Cheerleading

Extreme Sports Injuries

Buzkashi - The National Sport of Afghanistan


I'll look up the dangers of cheerleading and let you know if there's anything interesting there.

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?n Fietsryer van Waverley in Pretoria se pelvis, rugwerwels en heup is op verskeie plekke gebreek en hy het harsingskudding opgedoen nadat hy die naweek deur ?n geldwa van Fidelity Guards raakgery is.

Mnr. Pieter Kemp (52), ?n lid van die Telkom-fietsryklub, is in ?n baie ernstige toestand in die ho?sorgeenheid van die Montana-hospitaal in Pretoria.

Me. Petro Stynberg, sy verloofde, het ges? dit gaan glad nie goed met Kemp nie.

?Dokters kon nie gister op hom opereer nie weens die swelling om die werwels en die bloeding om die pelvis en heup.

?Hy het darem gevoel in sy arms en bene,? het sy hartseer ges?.

Mev. Juanita van der Walt van Pretoria-Noord, wat die ongeluk gesien gebeur het, het ges? sy het by ?n vulstasie gestaan toe die groep fietsryers in Lavenderweg in die noorde van Pretoria in die rigting van Warmbad gery het. Kemp het heel agter gery toe hy getref is.

?Die verkeer was swaar aan albei kante en ek het besluit om te wag dat die groep fietsryers eers almal verbygaan voordat ek by die vulstasie uitry. Terwyl ek vir hulle gekyk het, het ek gesien die geldwa kom van agter en probeer die fietsryers van die verkeerde kant af verbysteek.

?Hy het half van die pad af aan die linkerkant gery en tussen die fietsryers probeer indruk. Net toe hy vorentoe gegaan het, het hy die man getref en die volgende oomblik het die man met die fiets vorentoe gegaan en kop eerste die grond getref.?

Volgens haar het die geldwa nie dadelik gestop nie. ?Ek het aanhoudend op my toeter gedruk om die voorste fietsryers se aandag te kry oor wat gebeur het en omdat ek bang was die man (in die geldwa) ry weg.

?Hy het sowat 100 meter van die toneel gestop. Die man het op die grond gel? en ruk.?

Van der Walt meen die ou R101/Warmbad-pad is nie vir fietsryers geskik nie.

?Soveel van die pad is uitgehol en daar is nie duidelike noodlyne langs die pad nie. Dalk moet die fietsryers ?n alternatiewe roete soek, want op Saterdae is die verkeer ook baie swaar in die omgewing,? het sy ges?.

Niemand by Fidelity Guards was gister beskikbaar vir kommentaar nie.

Insp. Paul Ramaloko, polisiewoordvoerder, het ges? die voorval is aangemeld en die polisie ondersoek die saak.

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Big Mamma' date=' How do you decide which forum to post to?  Next time try Tech Shack for this.[/quote']


I think we need a Trash Shack option
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Guest Big H

Boela wat se hulle by die Kongres?????????.... PM my as jy te bang is om op die Hub te praat!!!!!!!

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