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  1. It's a scandal that someone would even consider leaving their bike outside to go through such trauma!
  2. Just post the blerrie pic already!!
  3. Vespa. Quite a few bikeshops in Pretoria stock the Ravo's. We bought our's from Joss. PM him.phoenix2008-05-06 00:50:40
  4. We have a Ravo. Great bike, well spec'd, light and stiff. When we bought ours, it came out with 172,5cm cranks front and back. We changed this to 175cm front and 170cm rear for me and wifey respectively, and it made a big difference for us. The shop we bought from also upgraded our seats, free of charge when we bought.
  5. I'm looking forward to see the end result phoenix2008-04-25 01:50:40
  6. The Montecasino race was 116km last year, advertised as 100. My wife and I crawled the last 10km's on the tandem, having expected to be finished way earlier.
  7. Because of the speed of contraction, Plyometrics training will be classified as power training, not strength training.
  8. You must mean selflessnes, but we get the picture. It's nice to know that there are still caring people out there. Good on you Chucky!!
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