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  1. I've heard people are hacking into virtual reality trainers and leaving virtual tin tacks on the virtual road....... virtually....really. Thyolo2007-08-30 12:22:03
  2. Big congrats Mich, it's pretty special to get featured like that.
  3. Compared to last year I thought there was a lot less wind this yr. The winners' times were 4-5mins. faster as were those of my friends. The only place where it seemed a big factor was the cross-wind when we were heading south on the rd back to Gauteng.
  4. Coolheat Cycle Agencies Sean Newcombe Unit 4, 22 Witkoppen Road, Hi-Tech Park, Paulshof 2128 Johannesburg t 011-807-5282 f 011-807-2889 e sean@chasek.co.za seanheat@icon.co.za w www.coolheat.co.za Hi R, in case you couldn't find it
  5. and this post just went downhill in one page That's " downhill in one post " One Hill, the first one.
  6. Well, now we all know that this is how things are, then it should no longer upset us. Just have to be prepared for these shortcoming and look for the best in people.
  7. Happy birthday RVW Naming kids after stars who fall is a tough one. My eldest boy was born in 1993 when a certain Mr Gascoigne was at his height (& not width as was the case soon after). So when anyone asks why is his middle name "Paul" - I feel a little foolish. Could've been worse, could've been a tattoo but the hospital wouldn't allow it on newborns. Thyolo2007-08-23 07:19:22
  8. Do it. Sell tickets. I'll be there. Clash of the Titans* Know-All assistants vs the Babbling Hubbers (*or really no-contest?)
  9. I see someone had bird seed for breakfast..... I dunno, it's gotta be annoying from the bike shop's point of view: "will the colour go with my kit....where's the mirror....where's the early puddle warning system....and that bag under the saddle is far too small for my stuff"
  10. I thought as long as it had a bell and a basket you'd be happy
  11. Thanks HR - but what are you doing posting at 3:48 am - sleephubbing?
  12. and if you're female its even worse' date=' then you are in for the "what does she know" treatment....[/quote'] Yeah, but what DOES she know?
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