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MANKELE Avalanche Race!!!

Mr. Nature

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Wink21st & 22nd November is the first of it's kind race in S.A. not to be missed! This is especially for all you downhill single track junkies, who like a little bit of speed and technical. There are 3 different runs, 2 on Saturday & 1  on Sunday. Your entry includes tent and mattresses & use of all Mankele facilities for the weekend. Bring your full susser or hard tail, which ever you feel more comfortable and faster on.

The tracks are 90% downhill, with boardwalks, bridges, steep drop-ins & the fastest flowing single track this side of the North Pole!!

For more info go to www.mankele.co.za or call  Mark/Geoff : 082 33 895 32/3
Mr. Nature2009-10-24 11:36:31
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Mr. Nature,


Tell us more (I have already entered..... 5 minutes after seeing the event!)


Distance? Drop? Terrain? What bike do you suggest?  Downhill rig or All mountain bike?


See you on the weekend of the 21st!


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SmileNo, it's not related, but it's the same concept. Longer than a normal downhill race, but not as technical and there are some peddaly sections. Awesome, fun, amazing & wickked!!!
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WinkIt depends if you're there for the fun or the podium. A downhill rig will get heavy on those flatter peddly sections. Each track is ridable on a hard tail (not very comfortable). My recomendation is a long travel, full susser, all mountain bike eg. my BLUR LT.

Mark & I are riding stage 1. & 2. tomorrow morning at 05:00am, so I'll keep you posted on distances & drop. Later. 
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ClapWhat a ride! Stage 1. is quite technical. It starts with a bit of up & down, then gets steeper and faster. This stage is 98% single track. The first half is open grass land and has a few tight corners. The second section is more rocky, with some step downs and ends off with 2 fast, steep & short sections. Distance:4.26km, Ascent: 24m & Descent : 344m


Stage 2. is a bit longer and faster. The first 2km are insanly fast jeep track, and the remainder is flowing single track. This section of track takes you over a series of board walks, streams, bridges & a bushtunnel. You will definately finish this stage with a smile from ear to ear. Distance : 6.11km, Ascent : 20m & Descent : 310m.


We'll be doing stage 3 tomorrow morning & let you know.
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I am so excited :-) I am giggeling!


What times (what was your times) can we expect for the 3 stages?


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WinkStage 3. is a little shorter, approximately 4.5km, ascent 20m and descent of 260m. It consists mainly of single track, with 4 or 5 bridges, one nasty dropp off that most who have been to Mankele will know about & some hecticly fast steep descents.

As for times, Stage 1. +- 18min, Stage 2. +- 10min & Stage 3. Oh man, I forgot to stop my garmin.

We might be swopping some of the stages around, so please be at the briefing so that you know whats up & know your shuttle times.


NB. Only 76 spot open!!!!
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