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Service intervals


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Hi guys


can someone perhaps summarise the service intervals, in km's, with respect to :


* Shock

* Chain replace

* Bottom bracket and hub

* Other?


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Shock- once a year depending on how much you use it and where it is located (if it gets lots of dirt from your wheel you might want to look at it more often.


Chain, have that tested at your LBS every 2 months, there is a tool you measure chainwear with, as your chai wears, your casette and chainrings wear with it, so If you dont replace the chain at some point youll have to replace thw whole system at some stage sooner than you would have had to If you replaced the chain only a few months before.


BB..wel only If you feel you need to, If its not smooth anymore and or If you go through watercrossings that covers your BB hubs.. If they have sealed bearings.. mabe get them checked once a Year, If shimano or  Ball cone, check them once a term.


Other, cables I'd say at least twice a Year and Brakes when you feel them deteriorating.
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It also very much depends on what sort of mileage you ride and what sort of conditions you ride in. Also how often and in what manner you clean your stuff.

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