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DT Swiss FR/DH Rim


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I see a lot of vids with guys running DT Swiss rims doing FR or DH but in white, which is what i am looking for. Anyone able to help me out with ID'ing which model it is?


It's that or the Mavic Deemax (silver)

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The white rims you see on those bikes are the 1750's. It's an all-mountain wheelset.


The pro DH racers use them because they're light, and the rims are soft enough to dent on impact. When you're going for podiums in a world cup race, you'd rather ding a rim than pinch flat.


I wouldn't advise them for normal riders, unless you have tons of $$$ to replace rims.


The Deemax's are tougher, but from what I've heard, the rim is pretty soft too.


I would recommend Sun Ringle MTX 33's, Mavic 729, Mavic 819 (UST) or DT 6.1D's laced to some Hope hubs or DT 440 hubs. The Sun Jumping Flea's are decent hubs too. The Hope or DT hubs will last you ages and are easily serviced! Also, for most guys, it's a good idea to stick to a wheelset that uses regular spokes. It just makes getting spare spokes and rims a little easier. Especially in the arse end of Africa LOL


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roarsome advice brad. that's why i was looking into it :) hope to come across advice like yours.

Reading the specs off CRC didnt give me the impression they as bombproof as the EX729s (which I currently have), or the EX819s (which i'm eyeballing as well).

I would like some color though, and my reasoning was that if the DT Swiss' are too soft, then the Deemax' might be the better option.

Have my Hopes. Raucous reliability smiley4.gif..



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Yeah, the Hope's are really good value for money! Those laced to some decent rims will give a good, reliable wheelset. It will also cost a few grand less than Deemax's.


I haven't ridden with Deemax's. All I know is that they're light, expensive and the rims are a little soft. If I had to have only one wheelset, I'd rather do something with "normal" rims.


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i must admit to just wanting some bling smiley2.gif. I will essentially hold two wheel sets. So if i ding the bling, on go the stalwarts smiley1.gif

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Yip, those are the EX1750's


DT's link here:






Review here:






Deemax will be the better option. Or try their E2200 (not as high tech) or FR2350's (expensive but bullet proof).




Other color options will be Sun Ringle (white or black), Spank (green, brown, black or white...they might even have some ltd gold ones in stock) or ZTR Flow (white)

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