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Upgrade RD when switch from 9 to10speed?


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I want to upgrade my training bike from 9-speed to 10-speed.  Trying to do it cheaply (it's for training!), but the 10-speed 105 derailleur looks just like the 9-speed one.  Plus the replacement part states that it is 9 AND 10 speed compatible.


My question is, do I need to change the derailleur or can I just get new 10-speed STI shifters and use the old RD?
Willehond2009-10-20 06:49:52
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great dokument baie danq. ma hukom? is 10 spd beter? hukom?
My racing bike has 10-speed and I swop my wheels  (with powertap) between bikes so everytime I have to change the freaking cluster from 9 to 10-speed when swopping wheels!  Plus my 9-speed shifters are rattling like hell and can't be repaired, so perfect reason to change to 10-speed Willehond2009-10-20 08:18:55
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