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Bushing sleeves


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and please hurryTongue I wanna try it out. or just put the old ones in and you can ride over here and illl help, i got mine out yesturday.

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Those sleeves are so thin - 0.8mm on a Genius' sleeves I pressed out last week, that the old hammer and punch doesn't work.


I had a machinist make a drift that is self-guiding and overlaps the bushing with 0.3mm on each side for a perfect punch-out.



I suggest patience and the right tool. Keep on looking until you've found something that fits well. Don't just hammer away. Also, get someone to help you hold the shock absolutely horizontal. You can't hold and punch at the same time.


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Make it look like this:




The long shaft is machined to the ID of the bushing and the step is machined to the OD minus 0.2mm.


This way you need 6 or 7 hands less to do the job. On the other side I support it on a piece of wood with a hole, big enough to accommodate the existing bush, drilled in.


To insert the new sleeve....aag nevermind. You get my drift.
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He would say that. I often see the evidence of hack work like that.

Do it properly or go home. The pleasure of working with the right tool for the right job can only be surpassed by a Windhoek Draft.



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