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Video's taken during rides...


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I am very fortunate to frequently encounter wildlife while training...


I sometimes get close enough to make a video and thought that it would be nice to see what YOU encounter while out on the bike...


Post your video links here.


Show us where you ride, what you encounter, etc. 
Brighter-Lights2009-11-03 05:50:35
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Went for ride on Sunday night, just in the Baakens valley and saw a buck (I think it was a bushbuck) - it was about 500m from the Elliot centre!! He froze for a few seconds in the path in front of me as my lights shone on him, and then ran off when I was only a few metres away. I caught it on video, but you've really got to look hard to see it.


Actually I just noticed when viewing the video closely, there were 2 buck there. You can see another one on the left of the frame for a fraction of a second. I only noticed the one when I was out riding.




Thanks to Schwynn for the mini-DV camera which I used to record this. That little thing is awesome. Obviously much better suited to daytime recording than night time, but for its size and price, I think it did a great job.












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