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Garmin 305 problems


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When asking a friend of mine (he does not "hub") where is his Garmin 305 today when we were doing a ride, he said that during the OFM classic last weekend it switched off 5 times by itself. Is that a common problem? I think its just out of guarantee. Will it be costly to repair?

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Well documented problem, almost guaranteed to happen on the older models. Garmin, from many other posts on here and the www in general, does not seem to acknowledge the problem, but it is design flaw. The unit spits in two halves basically and the connectors between the halves fatigue and since the battery is on the one side, bumps cause the connectors to, well, not connect and it cuts out. Remedy, 2 options:


1. Convince Garmin/Avnic it is their problem, you refuse to pay for another unit or "fix" as it will do the same and demand an upgrade to the 705. Will cost you a grand or two and will require serious attitude from you in dealing with Garmin, as gathered from previous posts


2. Fix it yourself:



Will require basic DIY skills, but does not seem to hard.


I recently bought a second hand unit knowing full well what to expect, and when the time comes, because knowing Murphy it will, I'm going 1 then 2.


Good luck 

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