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STUPID X0 trigger Question


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Just a quicky....


Where do you put the shifter in relation to your grip ie in which order from outside of handlebar towards the inside...


1 Grip,Shifter Brake

2 Grip,Brake,Shifter



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You can out them however you like, depends what feels better for you. I mount my shifters outboard because I only use 1 finger to brake.

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Option 1, grip, then shifter (outboard), then brake (inboard) which leaves less brake lever sticking out, hence 1 finger braking. Would post a pic, but my bike's 10 000 km away smiley19.gif

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I am running grip brake shifter with avid elixir.

How you run this will also be determined by the brake lever that you are using. On the X-O shifter there is also two placement for the clamp to go into to adjust the reach of your shift lever


Matchstix2009-11-10 00:45:07

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