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MTB bike size


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I am noobish.


My previous "play" MTB was a "large".


This time round I am planning to really use the bike, for fitness including single track.


I wear large clothes and assumed that everything I buy for myself will be large.


When being fitted for a new bike I was told that I am somewhere in between M & L. And also told that it is always better to take the smaller bike.


So I am the proud owner of a new MEDIUM bike. (46cm 18in)


I am 1.8m.


My standover hight on the bike is about 10-11cm. (just in front of the saddle)


If you look at the bike, does the "proportion" of seat hight (post length) look correct to you?






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I think this is just an attempt to show off your new bike....Clap


Height looks fine by the way.


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Hey, welcome to MTB'ing and The Hub. I am 179cm with a 83cm inseam and I ride Medium. There are LOTS of other factors to consider, but on paper it sounds about right that you are on a Med.




Seat height looks fine, as long as the minimum insert is in the ST you won't have a problem.




When between two sizes most shops or people will recommend the smaller size. A smaller mtb is easier to handle due to it's shorter wheelbase. There are other things to consider but nothing worth boring you while you could be out riding that beaut!




Rode one before I broke my wrist and I was impressed by Merida's first attempt at a 120mm bike.

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You front brake pipe needs some cable tie manners. Its gonna rub on the fork shaft coating...when things get muddy you don't want that. If your bike looks this hot can you post some pics of your lady?

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Your brake "Front brake pipe" otherwise known as housing looks fine. Might be wise to run it round the inside as it might get caught on some undergrowth. Your "fork shaft ", aka stanctions, won't like rub, but running it round the inside should solve that.The Crow2009-12-03 01:04:16

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