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  1. I got the Hero8 a week or so ago. Now the problem is that I can find the silicone cover and the lens/screen protectors for it. Cape Union Mart does not have it yet and Take-a- Lot cant deliver before I go on leave. They dont have the originals in stock but thats no problem. Incredible doesnt have as well. The issue is I will use it with the kids on the beach, pool, cycling etc. I need those two things before next week just to protect it a bit. I can get it from GoPro online but the shipping is over 100 USD. Anyone know where in Pretoria/Centurion I can go have a look for these things? The other option is to get the dive housing, but I havent seen it yet in real life yet. Its on Take-a-lot and in stock to ship. Its also almost 1000 ZAR. The issue I have is that you dont have access to the screen to change the setting without opening it. What do you guys think?
  2. Thanks, but it the wrong color. The pink one is called Dust Rose. Strange that its on Garmin SA site but you cant buy it at Sportmans WH or somewhere else...
  3. Thanks but its no that one: its this pink one: https://buy.garmin.com/en-ZA/ZA/p/643399/pn/010-02172-32. The color is actually called Dust Rose with Light Gold Hardware
  4. I am looking for a Garmin VivoActive 4S in Pink. I cant find any online and when I spoke to Garmin SA they said that only watch retailers have access to the Pink color. Thats weird but it is what it is. Anyone know where I can find one? I spoke to the two shops Garmin referred me to but no luck....
  5. Grondpad


    To chuck another one in the ring, Go have a look at the Mahindra XUV300 for the Mrs. I drove one last week and for that price point I don’t think anything can compare. Just go have a look…. You will know what I mean
  6. Not to hijack this, but to avoid creating a new topic... What is the timing from launching a new Garmin product until its available in SA? I want to buy my sister a VivoActive as a bday gift. The 3 is now available but DC Rainmaker had his launch review on the 9th of Sep on the VA 4 (and Venu). I dont want her to wait to long so what do you guys think? Is it a 6 months delay, less, more...?
  7. Anyone know if one can transfer your Voyager Miles to Discovery miles? I found some links on he web but all pages says it not available anymore... Maybe you could in the past but not anymore?
  8. Thanks for sharing & well done buddy! I think this is what all of us are aiming for... better physically & mentally. At the end of the day what I read/get from this topic is how most people experiment and then find what works for them. This helps us to gain knowledge in the process and that is never bad. Great job and keep us posted. I too have found a bit more protein works good for me, and that's also why I will try what CBlake suggests to up my protein and to increase total Calaries per day.
  9. I did some googling and I tend to agree with you. My BMR should be about 2400 so if I use avg 500 per day in training then I will run in deficit on 2650. I will test his when I am back with my bike and give you some feedback of the weight issue. But I think from the 85kg point the weight will become less relevant as the LBM will increase and fat% decrease. Time to drop the scale and get the measuring tape I suppose....
  10. As a +/- on both a weekday training ride and a grossfit session, I am looking at about 400 to 600. On a LSD ride it can vary between 600 & 1200 depending on how "friendly the competition" is .... But a fair estimate or avg would be say 800
  11. Hey Fellow LCHF’s A while ago I posted about me really training hard and following LCHF but not loosing weight, so just want to share the progress. I think I found the problem. BOOZE. Even just a little bit which is strange because I can tolerate a fair bit of carbs (yes I know it’s not the same) but still I did not think it would have such a big impact. During my previous posting I has like 2 whiskeys or red wine a day. The last two months I have been in Dubai and the only thing to have changed was that I could not get any alcohol here. And the results are amazing. I have dropped 12kg’s in 70 days. Yes, I do run on a deficit calorie intake but not huge margins. I still cut out all carbs and those I get is the “accidental” one from normal meals during the day. I must admit that the fat intake is varying between 60 & 70 % so not the ideal 80% but I am not low on energy so I think its OK till I go back to SA. Then I can increase again with the normal cream and coconut oils shake in the mornings. I have also replaced my evening meal with a protein shake. I find this does wonders for filling the whole in the evenings, quick and cheap (relatively speaking) Now I have a question to those that monitor calories intake. As I said before, I do a fair bit of weight training in the gym and during crossfit. I have not cycled much the last couple of months (the bike is back in SA). I am now on 89kg’s down from 101kg’s. I found that on about 83kg’s I feel great on the bike and also in general. For optimal muscle building I am aiming for 103g of protein a day based on LBM. To keep the 80%F, 15%P, 5%C ration, that equates to 235g F, 100g, P, 34g C. I run a bit higher carbs as I found below 20 I don’t feel great (must be all in the mind with that small amount) bit I am still in Ketosis. All this adds to 2650 Calories. What your opinion on this figure? To high, to low..? The reason I am asking is because as soon as I get home in late June I should be about 83/85kg’s and then I want to stop losing weight and rather focus more on maintenance. What Calories a day do you guys aim for? I know the old school of thought was to not worry about calories and eat when hungry but the latest research shows it does matter and I have found this to be true during my own little “what works for me” test… What calories do you guys aim for? Just as a side note: I was LCHF full-on for about 3 years during period 2012 to 2015. Then fell of the wagon with work and life. Now back on for about 8 months. I am more than ever convinced of how good LCHF is (for me at least). For those wanting to try it, and those that fell of and want to start again, you have my support. During my first stint everything went great and I can kick myself for not sticking to it. The last 8 months were just great but I have found ones does need some fine tweaking. I do do cheat days. I don’t restrict myself from the pleasures when going out with friend and braais (f*^%ck am I looking forward to a proper braai when I am back). I tend to jump back into ketosis in 2 or 3days. So one does not miss out on anything as all!
  12. Do you think/find this might be due to age? When I first started I was about 34. Now almost hitting 40. Mom always said "daai vet klou na 40 ". I searched for an article on it but I think due to the short period that LCHF has become better understood not much research has been done on it w.r.t age.
  13. That may be but the calories are still in a deficit w.r.t intake and calculated target. W.r.t fasting, that might be a solution. I have not given that a shot in the last 3 months. Not a bad idea at all just to maybe kickstart and improve the fat adaption.... Thanks for the idea
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