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  1. So heading to Cullinan/Tonteldoos.... apparently GPS compulsory. Any klevva okes out there that know what if there is iPhone app that I can load GPX route onto and follow? Technically challenged on this stuff and mtb to be honest. Need paint by numbers. Floor is yours.
  2. 2 x Chains rotated on one cassette and chain ring lasted about 8000km. The chain did start to jump off the chain ring on rocky descents though. Talking GX Eagle.
  3. So I was privileged to meet Deon, a local farmer and trail builder for the Tulbagh area and obviously the 2020 Epic route around Saronsberg. He is a true gentleman and showed me around the “Bone Trail”, introduced me to putting Buchu (plant) in my water bottle and showed what a beautiful piece of mountain biking Tulbagh possesses. I would highly recommend making a trip there if you are looking for some challenging training. Tulbagh is a really lekka little town with plenty accommodation.
  4. Hello again, so anyone training in Langebaan or Tulbagh over Christmas? I’d like to join. Anything from 2-7hrs. Thanks, Whatsapp me. 0826340627 Don
  5. Hello okies, So I'm stuck in Langebaaaaaan from 24th Dec to 5th Jan. Wanting to do shoot across and do some riding in Tulbagh and Ceres hopefully pre ride some of the 2020 Epic trails. Would be cool if someone could show me around.
  6. First thread I've read on the hub in a long time. All I can say as I shake my head is, may a non offensive Deity help us.
  7. VC group started like it was a mountain bike race heading for single track. I got spat out the back before Cedar. I guess the VA group was a bit more civilised.
  8. I run the carbon bars and alloy stem. When I got the bars I wanted to hang them up on my wall they are so beautiful
  9. I text when I'm stopped at a traffic light on my bicycle. Does it cancel out?. Hat, coat, door....
  10. Got the cranks, bars, stem, oval chainrings. All extremely good quality. I recommend their stuff to anyone who asks.
  11. I've just reposted an add for a spare BB30 pressfit adaptor. Converts to BSA threaded BB. Lemme know if this may help you. I've got one on my bike. It's 5000km in and no worries.
  12. Bzzz, I'm looking for a team entry please. 0826340627
  13. Regarding the broken axle. I had the same issue. Funny story...I scratched around in an old box of engine spares and found an old VW beetle push rod. It is the exact diameter for the axle and the hard alu is slightly thicker inside. I got a machine shop to turn the bearing seats and worked fine. Otherwise just get some steel rod and any machine shop can turn it for you.
  14. That's just dumb.. and I've seen your fat ass on a bike, the only way you do a 2H40 is on motogp bike and last I checked you couldn't buy one. Also more far fetched is you trying to tell us you have a mate. See you Saturday for dam ride.
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