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Attempted Robbery: N14


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On Wednesday 16 December at 11h05 my son and I were cycling from Muldersdrift on the N14 towards Hendrik Potgiter. Along the way we came towards two young black guys sitting on the banister and as we approached them one jump out towards us with a firearm, my son was behind me and he grabbed my sons cycling top, pointed the firearm in his ribs and started pulling the trigger. Fortunately the gun did not fire and my son managed to pull himself away and we sped away. While fleeing I looked back an the bugger stood in the yellow lane still pointing the firearm at us and pulling the trigger.

We got away without any injuries or anything lost but what a scary experience. I reported the incident to the Muldersdrift police and they told me that there had been several incidents of a similar nature in the area. The police seem to know who the guys are and also said these guys sometimes work with a young white lad.

I believe it is not safe to cycle alone or in small groups in that area and urge all cyclist please to be aware of the threats in the area.

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holy crap. that is hectic. maybe they knew the gun was jammed or empty making their psychological behavior despicable. I hope these F&cks are caught and bum f&cked by some large man looking for a little loving.




Glad u guys are ok!

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The police seem to know who the guys are and also said these guys sometimes work with a young white lad.


Then one has to ask why they aren't out there looking for them. Are they waiting for a tragedy to happen, or are they out of fuel for the patrol cars again?


I'm getting so fed up with this situation and it reinforces my decision to leave. Thanks to the apathy of the SAPS and the outright corruption of Metro police, we're being driven indoors and away from the pursuits we enjoy. Damn them all to hell!


Boats - I'm glad you guys are okay, and I hope that that your son isn't traumatised.




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That is Bull s h * t. These guys should be facing the death penality by having a pelton of 300 riders riding over them and then lets see who is scared. I know this is not possible but all we want to do is ride our bikes in safe enviroment. Just now they will be hi-jacking our air so we can't even cycle....This crap and not the way to end the year with 2010 around the corner we are asking for s h t.

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