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Trouble in the Barloworld camp?


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"Got this from the Team website"  wonder what the other South African's think.AngryAngryAngry

Team Barloworld's position regarding Ryan Cox's physical problems



Team Barloworld rider Ryan Cox has recently published information on his personal website about his health problems that are incorrect and blame the team management for the lack of proper planning of his racing programme considering the problems he is facing.




Last week Dr Mantovani, ?the official Team Barloworld

doctor, studied the results of the examinations Cox underwent at the

"Centre Hospitalier Universitaire" in Angers, France.




Team Barloworld manager Claudio Corti suggested that Cox

find a specialist in Italy for a second opinion and also suggested he

ask the opinion of Prof Chevalier, the well-known French vascular

surgeon, as Dr Abraham had requested.




It was agreed by both by Cox and the team management that Cox would

carry on racing in two short stage races: the Bizikleta Vaska in Spain

and the CTT Correios in Portugal, and then take advantage of the long

pause (Cox isn't one of the riders selected for the Tour de France) to

undergo, if believed to be necessary by the specialists, an eventual





"Cox has a problem with his left iliac artery that is due to its unusual length and flexibility," Dr Mantovani said.


"It's a cronic problem that first appeared last year and that caused

Cox various problems, especially in his back. His current situations

does not appear to be different and while waiting for a response from

Dr Chevalier, there is no reason why Cox cannot race."




"I think the things Cox has written on his web site are wrong and childish because he agreed his race programme with us," team manager Claudio Corti said.


"Rather than create further problems, he should try and find out if

an operation will effectively help him in the long-term. In recent

races Cox has shown some good form despite complaining about pain in

his left leg."


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Guest colonel

DS: And you moan at me the other day for my post??

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Seems a bit silly for them to take this dispute to the public domain.




Barlow should have had a quiet word with Cox, requesting him to remove the offending statement from his site - or have they done this already?





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smiley5.gif Cox said it was a matter of miscommunication between him and the team. How can the manager burst on the public domain so prematurely? and even saying Cox is being childish. carrier wise, this is not going to be good for Cox's name. If it was a matter of miscommunication, Corti should apologize on the team website to clear Ryan's name.
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also heard a rumour that barloworld's new ceo - the subject of a new race row last week - is keen to divest from cycling in favour of footie ahead of 2010. 

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You mean the new chairman?




CEO is Clive Thomson - is not the subject of a race row, but he is the son-in-law of ousted chairman Warren Clewlow.




Without PPC, Barlows is not the beast it once was. And with shareholder activism and renewed focus on its financial performance, cycling could well take a back seat next year.




Hopefully John Lee's performance at the TDF will convince executives otherwise.





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Confused I hope the rumor about shifting to soccer is not true. Through my encounters  with Ntsebeza, he is very up-bit about transformation and development, therefore if the final decision would be upon him, there is no way in hell that he would be impressed by John Lee's top 10 "if he were to ride an incredible race" nonetheless if he were to choose between soccer and cycling, it would be soccer unless Barloworld were sending a super team with riders of color to the tour.      
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