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Team CSC : TDF participation

Evan Andreou

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Anybody know what the issue is re the team's participation?

With CSC and Riis cycling parting ways, Riis persona non grata at TDF etc.


Who owns the team and will they be allowed to take part?
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dunno for sure, but csc are still racing in the dauphin? lib?r?, which is owned by the aso, which owns the tdf. i'd imagine it'd be hard - and costly - for aso to turf the team, as they didn't actually contravene any doping regulations

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The Team dos not really belong to Riis, CSC contracts Riis in a management position to run the team to certain contractual obligations and a budget.


Obviously CSC and other sponsors fund the budget, which was one of the best in the game - but with "Man" leaving it may change somewhat.


Without the sponsors - well.............there is no team.


The structures are irrelevant - he who pays the bills, in effect, owns the team.Thats harsh reality.!


There have been indications Riis MAY not be welcome at the TDF - but ASO have not as yet made a clear statement to the best of my knowledge.


I dont think CSC (the team) will be prohibited from riding but I do think ASO may make it unpleasant for Riis to be in attendance - although it hardly matters as they have a very capable management team with Scott Sunderland, Carsten Jeppesen Kim Andersen and the like.
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It will be sad to see them split up. They are a great team which Bjarne built up over years. Now in a few days that has changed.

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I think Riis does own the team


Over the last several years, Team CSC and the company behind the team, Riis Cycling A/S, have undergone a remarkable transformation. With regard to sports and business, much has happened since the autumn of 1996 when the first step was taken to create what are today the world's best professional cycling team and a company that won the Danish business magazine B?rsen's Gazelle Award in 2003.

Bjarne Riis took over the team and the company in 2000 and has since headed the entire project, which continues to develop based on his vision and ideas. Latest expansion is an introduction of a distribution section within the organisation.

Initially, the company had its headquarters in Herning in the west of Denmark, but in the winter of 2003, Riis Cycling A/S moved to Lyngby, north of Copenhagen. The company employs approximately 60 people and the new headquarters is the future centre for numerous new business initiatives supervised by Riis Cycling A/S.


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Riis does own the team and pays all the bills.  CSC simply pay in a lumpsum in cash and bank guarantees every year.  Riis cycling is the employer of all the staff and riders involved in Team CSC.


As for the Dauphine, it is not run by the ASO.  It is one of the few remaining independent big French races.  As each big race has come under sponsor pressure, the ASO has stepped to take control of the event.  This hasn't happened with the Dauphine simply because of LA's appeal to the American market.  With LA there, the Dauphine organisers could command decent TV rights out of the US.  Whether they will continue to be succesful really depends on whether the top riders continue to turn up for the event as opposed to the Tour de Suisse.  If they keep using Ventoux, the riders might get a bit pissed off, but at least the fans will be happy.
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