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Assistance needed on buying a bike


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Need some assistance from those in the know!


A friend of a friend has a bike that he is selling for 10k. I'm in need of a road bike and I've only been riding since June 09 but would like to get into more road races (possible Triathalons down the line) and also have entered the Argus 2010. After slogging through the 94.7 on a MTB, I've realised that a MTB isn't helping me enjoy the sport anymore.


I am waiting to find out what parts are on the bike but if anyone has any comments about the pic below, I would appreciate some assistance. 


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Groupset looks like '05 Ultegra (9-speed), nothing wrong with it at all. Looks to be a good bike, get it checked out by a bike shop first, and make sure it's the right size for you. Price may be a tad high?

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Check the age and mileage of the bike <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Try find out about the group set , make ect looks like old shimano ultegra 9spd , could be wrong.

Ask why the front wheel is not the same as the back ( it some cases ,  not all , it may have been in a crash and thus has fitted a different wheel to the bike )

Size is important , what size do you need and what size is this bike.

It?s a old giant carbon frame , inspect the frame for signs crashes or damage .

Ahh and price , it?s a bit high more like 6 ish in my opinion.

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1st thing is to make sure the bike is the correct size for you. Go get measured up independently of bike. Sure you have though.


You may need a new seatpost as that one looks a bit long in the teeth for the frame. What size is the frame? You will probably need to drop stem down to get a nice position with tri bars.


Otherwise bike looks pretty good and if it is 105 like I think then 10k may be about 1-2k too much depending on age of bike.
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All I know so far is that it has got 9-speed Ultegra, Shimano Dura Ace pedals, full carbon frame and criterium wheels. Also between 4-5 years old

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That frame is pretty old, so too is the Ultegra groupset (probably 2003/2004). That front wheel is a Shimano WH540, which I've heard has rust problems on the spokes and the spokes are like hens teeth to get hold of (some sort of weird design). The back wheel looks like a Ksryium SL, which is pretty cool wheel.


Personally, I think R10 000 is too much. I've seen newer carbon models with 10sp Ultegra for that price. There is a stunning Solis somewhere on the Hub with Ultegra 10sp and Easton wheels for R8 000.00. The Solis frame would be a good 250g lighter than the older Giant.


I would say that R7 500 to R8 500 would be a better price.
Eugene2010-01-25 09:06:28
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