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Know the topic has been discussed, but would like to get more clarity on the matter. I know there is a camp that favour  Assos, but can you please inform me about how the following rate vs it, and if not what you suggest.

Cape Storm  - Nitro

Giordana - any

Vermark - Any


If there is any other please can you inform me aswell. Price is not that big an issue, but I suppose if I can get a good pair for half the Assos price, then it would do!


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Got 2 pairs of the Nitros recently, very nice but had issues with the 2nd one's reflective pringting coming off on the first ride.  So do have a good look at the printing before buying. 


I have not owned any Euro made shorts so I can't comment there, general concensus being that for over 3 to 4 hours the CS ones are not comfy anymore and Assos etc should be worn.


So if you don't do double centuries or multi-day rides I think you will be fine with the Nitros. 
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Hi Assos is definately the market leader but there are other good bibs out there. I use The giordana body clone for training and they work very well.They are red under the straps. They are about a grand at crc so very good value. USe the SPECIALIZED R9 for racing on weekends. Their padding is more substantial for comfort also they are very lite so they feel the biz. Cost R 1700 at LBS. ALSO used to use the Cape Storm but they others are far better in my opinion. If you can afford it use the GIORDANA for training and then use the Assos or Specialized for your weekend events.

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