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Which helmet to buy?


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Need advice on buying new helmet for road and mtb please:




1. Is it worth getting a R1500+ helmet vs R600 helmet?


2. Should I get road specific or mtb specific?


3. I've heard that one should replace a helmet every 2 years or so. If I use two helmet, i.e. one for road and one for mtb, could I use them for 4 years each?

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Well the expensive ones do look allot better, are lighter and better vented and more adjustable.


Safety wise they should pass the same tests so no diff there. 

Use one without a peak for mtb and road, easy !


I threw away my previous Bell helmet after 3 years as they recommend. 


Might not be needed, but hey, if you're gona wear something to protect your head, then it needs to be able to do its job.  I don't want to take chances and then it fails the one time you need it and your a vegetable for the rest of your life...
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Get either a Bell sweep, you can use it for both, or a Specialized 2D also can be used for both, the more you spend on a helmet the more comfortable it will be...the safety is the same...


Also keep in mind that riding with a peak obstructs your view of any overhead dangers, I've seen guys hitting tree branches 'cause they haven't seen them...
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The one that fits the shame of your head. I cannot wear the Giro Atmos, and most Giro helmets, but Bell's work well for me.

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I currently have a Giro Something. I did however remove the visor/peak so that roadies don't laugh at me.Smile
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