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continuos cables


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ok so i want to fit continuous cables onto my mtb, but i want white ones??




where can i get them?? CRC?? if so please give me a link i have no idea on this sort of thing??







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i put alligator cables on my 'Dale. They come with the cable housing with teflon inner and the cables, they sell for about R 250.00 from your LBS well worth the money, just a word of advise if you doing it yourself, just make sure you got a desent side cutter because the stainless steel cabling is freaken hard

Face Plant2010-01-29 05:45:56
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If you change the cable housing you must change the brake hoses aswell. It looks doff if the one is done and not the other.

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Whats a continous cable, i woulda thought that all bicycle cables could be considered "continous".

The cable housing now that is another kettle of fish.


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