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Can anyone tell me if the new xtr dual control shifters(M975) are much better than the old generation ones, durability etc and are they compatible with the older type calliper(M966). I like the look of them but dont know anyone with first hand experience with these levers. I have the older type dual control shifters. Thanks

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They are nice, but not durable.  Went through 2 in 2 years.  They have a small metal plate the shifter lever runs on which wears out - it is a very soft metal.

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I have had experience with both M966 and M975 dual control shifters. Have been running the new ones for almost 3 years, and I consider myself a high-mileage rider. Never had problems myself, never had to replace either, but I have mates who've had dramas. To answer your question, they are much better than the old series, in my experience.


Will the new XTR due at the end of this year include an upgrade of the dual control shifters? Perhaps do some research, may be worthwhile to  wait a bit?  
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