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Nice one guys....so quick to give your input on guys selling items, but i can?t even get some advice on my ride that I?m not selling.


Do i need to put some arbitrary price on the bike and stick it in the for sale area and then wait for the punters to let me know what its actually worth.







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I can try help from what Ive read and what Ive been told.


What ever the new price is today, will be replacement value.


Basically from what I understand the second hand bike market is like the vehicle market.

Basic rule of thumb - first year road bike loses 30% and MTB aprox 40% of original purchase value, and there after 10% per year.


So if this bike was R30k three years ago i.e. 2007

2008 Then R30k less 30% = R21k

2009 less 10% = R18,9k

2010 less 10% = R17k


Just a guideline and my 2c worth.

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Thanks for the feedback mrm. The frame is a 2007, but the components are all 2009.


Looks like a fair formula to work out the value.




The problem was i bought all the items individually so i'm not to sure what the original value would have been. Thats why the post.

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