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stretch or don't stretch before training


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I would like to see whats your opinion about stretching before exercising.




1. Some people claims that you must warm up your muscles and then you stretch before you do your training




others claim




2. Only warm up exercises before you do your training don't stretch, only after exercising or practicing.















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Jip , also agree with the above.


Start slow for a few km's. Then work into you training for the day - climb sprint, TT or whatever intervals etc. Then stretch while muscles are still warm after the ride.


Not sure what the correct thing is to do but reading different view pionts just confuses you more - cause like most things one can always give reasons why your way is the better option. Some say you get poorer performance when stretching before a workout/ride. Some says that your muscles need to be warm to stretch then (then you get better results with the stretch).


Some say stretch lightly before and then more intense afterwards.


Go figure. I just ride my bike slow for a while until I feel comfy/warm in the legs then I hit the drills or up the tempo. Stretch is GOOD , so either way, you have to stretch. Stretching can sort out alot of problems in the muscles and prevent injury big time.


I also do a bit of swimming and running just to keep things in balance. My legs don't like the day after day routine / repedative motions of cycling so need to keep them busy with other angles of attack on the muscles as well.






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