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Strides Splint


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I've seen a goodie advertised in the latest ride mag call the Stride Splint that looks like a good idea. It's a metal frame type thing with a base plate that you mount your frame on after you taken off your wheels, and then it goes in the bike bag.? It protects the RD and chainrings, and they list it as R795.?

Anyone seen this in action and any good? Shipping a frame in a bike bag is tricky, I bent a few hangers and its a mess if you have to remove the RD. This thing also braces the fork and back wheel mountings.?

Thinking of getting one for the Argus. Phoned Mark as per the number on the ad and the delivery time is 2 weeks.?


kosmonooit2010-02-10 01:58:07

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It works nicely, but requires a modification to make it really great. The Splint requires the fork to be turned when mounted on the Splint and this creates a too-long bike for most bike bags, since the handlebars now point forward. Either take the bars off or, modify the Splint so that it keeps the fork straight-ahead.


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I own one and love it. Great for travelling with a bike, something that I do a fair share of. Was almost overweight coming back to Europe this year as I left my bike and bike bag at home but needed the splint to come back with me.


Just keep in mind that it protects the bottom half of your bike, you still have to wrap the top tube and wheels properly to prevent them from getting scratched/damaged.


Thanks for that idea Johan, never thought about that. Will give it a try.


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