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  1. Rather late than never. Do some people really think this is sour grapes?
  2. Haha, don't worry. I don't see anyone paying for me to fly out, so your 'spot' should be safe.
  3. If there any spare spots I'd also love to have a go
  4. I own one and love it. Great for travelling with a bike, something that I do a fair share of. Was almost overweight coming back to Europe this year as I left my bike and bike bag at home but needed the splint to come back with me. Just keep in mind that it protects the bottom half of your bike, you still have to wrap the top tube and wheels properly to prevent them from getting scratched/damaged. Thanks for that idea Johan, never thought about that. Will give it a try.
  5. I don't mean to show off or anything, but understandably I am rather chuffed with myself right now so feel the need to share. Please ignore the horrendous saddle position, steerer tube excess and the current lack of bar tape. All to be amended once I get to the training camp. For those of you who dislike the pink, fear not, it is only a small stripe on the right side of the bike, the left side has a white stripe.
  6. http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/giro-della-provincia-di-reggio-calabria-challenge-calabria-2-1/stage-1/photos/103507
  7. Did she get it from her brother or the father of her child? Or do the three of them all just share? Something like this would surprise me if it were in SA, but in Italy... Ol?....
  8. Craven

    Positive Test

    Shocked to the core.Craven2010-01-07 13:41:51
  9. Hi all As in 2008, I will be hosting a Cycling Camp in my home town of Omaruru, 250km North West of Windhoek. The camp is on the weekend 22 - 24 January and is for u16, u18 and u23 riders, boys and girls. It includes transport from and back to Windhoek, all food, accommodation and activities. It is obviously aimed at Namibian cyclists but if anyone were interested in paying their way from South Africa I would be more than willing to consider their application. More information on the camp will be released over the next few days as well as an announcement about the fantastic sponsors that are part of the event. Thanks to them the camp has a very bright future and will become a yearly event (Euro team schedule permitting). More info can be found on the event's Facebook page which can be found here: http://www.facebook.com//profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=409947560362&id=785275362#/event.php?eid=234612133961&ref=mf Please feel free to PM me for more information or RSVP'ing on Facebook. dan Event's name has been changed as the sponsors have been announced.Craven2010-01-07 06:26:29
  10. Thanks Col... I can only imagine your glee as you went past them; sorry that you didnt have the added satisfaction of seeing me in their midst Leather gloves are easy to get, just go to www.rapha.cc and empty your bank account As for ToBoland, I thought we were the ones on the receiving end there... Slowbee, no dash for me this year, as lovely as it is I'm not going to let myself be tempted into that again. All of my good intentions of starting slowly last year came to nothing when I started having so much fun... Might be around for backup, you all sorted and organised? Clavicle is all good it seems. Two days till my last x-ray checkup and then I'm out on the road again. Can - not - wait!!
  11. Thanks Nomorepic and WRScott. That's really cool, glad you guys got a helping hand from Grant and the boys. Always enjoy cruising about that shop and chatting to the lads. Maybe next time you can get some of the sportswool jerseys As for the Leggero's... wait in line, I want my news ones first Pity I didn't know bout your plans before the DC, but I was sitting far away in any case. Would certainly not mind doing the DC again one day, have really fond memories of it; it just never fits into the season any more.. As for the chair in the VIP area... I'm truly embarrassed to admit that I don't even remember that. I think my head was elsewhere at the time though.. being the last stage of ToB and all; but I look forward to seeing you at another RC club event during 2010. There should be even more and better one on the cards. Well done on the top 10, great effort!
  12. After last weekends Double Century I heard that ''my team'' had been there and was racing. Initially I thought this referred to the GT-Maties, but soon found out that the comment was in fact referring to a bunch of black clad individuals... In the mean time I have been able to collect photographic evidence (thanks Ronelle) and am seriously amused and curious. Some of the guys even have shirts with the pink arm bands which means that they are club members, not merely fans/customers/appreciators of fine things. Does anyone have any info for me; before curiosity kills this cat While I'm at it, club membership is open for the 2010 season with two levels of membership. White band for 40quid or a cool 1500quid (no, no misprint there) for pink band membership. Pop me a pm if anyone wants some more info.
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