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MTB Race wheels

Weight Weenie

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Hi guys


Did some searches but could not find anything.

Please direct me if there was a usefull threasd on this...


I've currently got ztr355 rims with dt spokes, alu nipples and dt 240s hubs.  Havent weighed them, should be in the 1500g region ? Really nice and strong.


But being a weight weenie Im looking for something really light and race specific so I can use the 355's for training with heavier tyres.


What can you guys suggest ? Im 21, about 64kg with kit, ride a gt carbon hardtail, looking to spend max 10k.  I looked around but the stans podium mmx (1210g with tape and valve !) seems the best value and almost the lightest, any issues there ? They are really well priced from crc ! 


Want to run the yellow tape and valve with stans and then use the geax barro race tyres(2.0 fold 380g) for a low pressure silly light race setup.



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Check out www.extralite.com they make really good stuff and their hubs are very very light - they also sell complete wheels.

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Thanks, did have a look there already, but the price is out of my range sadly and then one has to ad shipping etc. 


Stans - $950 @ 1210g

Extralite - $1580 @ 1184g


Both with the tape and valve, so even though im a WW, im not gonna spend all that cash on 26g !


The stans are R 6571 on CRC per set, so with free shipping and the duties and vat should be around R8250, anyone know what the local price is ?
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Way overpriced in my opinion !


For an allround xc/marathon wheel they are great, my unlce has a pair and is getting ceramic bearings for it.  But im looking for a lightweight, race only wheelset, which these aren't. 


Im running ztr355 with dt 240s and dt spokes now, bottomed the rims allot at groenies, still true and work great with foldable tyres.  Guessing they about 1,5kg so good all round set. 
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Pg990 is also more expensive and heavier than an xt cassette, which I have on my current wheels. 


Ill transfer my formula rotors to the new wheels and look at an xtr cassette, kcnc al lockring, maybe some ti disk bolts and then geax barro race tyres. 


Will put avid rotors i have on the old set, keep the xt cassette and aspen tyres, maybe get ust ones when they wear out. 


MAybe light chain with powerlink as well
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