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Tyre pressure


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Yes I know it's been discussed 200 time but this one is different.




I changed my rear tyre from Conti Speed King 2.1 non-UST to Maxxis Aspen 2.1 non-UST. The conti I rode at 2.8 bar and it was nice and absorbed bumps nicely without bottoming out. The Maxxis, although it has not been on the trail yet, feels rock hard when I pump it to 2.8. Even at 2.5 it is very hard but at 2 bar it feels like it has the same "give" as the Conti. And at 2 bar (29psi) is is lower then the recommended 35psi.




Is this normal between makes of tyres?

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Ja dude, remember they may state a width but volume is not always equal and i guess rubber flexibility also plays a part, the maxxis is 120tpi, whats the SK ?


According to my Serfas pump, I ran the front at 22psi and the rear at 24 today at Groenkloof, great grip, no bottoming but I weigh about 65kg with kit, too flat for the tar pieces though but they seem to take it ok wear wise. 


At the blue moonlight race last week had the rear at 26psi and front 24psi, which I found better for the more open hardpack dirt roads.


Thus I will play between these settings, at 20psi the front feels mushy and is likely to roll off.  and at 22 the rear will probly bottom on rocks.


Hope this helps !

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