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Shock pump - replacement seals?


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Hi guys


My BBB shock pump is no longer pumping.  Suspect it is the seal inside the bit that screws on to the shock. 


Does anyone know where I can get replacement seals?


Seems a pity to have to buy a new pump for the sake of a R3 seal.
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Dave, just about all seals nowadays are O-rings, which are readily available. It is a matter of taking the thing apart, measuring the O-ring and getting a replacement.


Don't expect replacement parts via the agent though. He/she/it seems to think they can import pumps without stocking spares. I've had similar issues with my BBB floor pump.


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On the way home yesterday I passed by two bike shops, a car spares shop, a major hardware chain store and finally got a likely looking o'ring from the little hardware store around the corner. Doesn't quite seal the same as the orig seal (which was slightly cylindrical rather than a ring), but seems to do the job ok...

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