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argus advice


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Hey guys


for the third year in a row I've done myself in by enterring for the argus and only training three weeks before the event, resulting in a considerable amount of pain on the day!


This year I have the option of using a schwinn voyageur hybrid instead of my road bike. I've never ridden the schwinn but if my understanding is correct it is a whole lot more comfortable to ride. My concern would be maintaining a decent speed on the straights?


any opinions?


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use yr bike you were training with, just stop training by monday next week, stretch alotWink

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Chaunce is totally right. Ride a lot till Mon and then just rest till the 14th. Use the bike you know; don't use the new one even if it is better. enjoy the funride and do lots of stops!

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Agreed with all above. Use the bike your body is used to. Don't worry about the training - I was injured and got back on the bike last night for the first time.


Ride a bit this weekend and some soft pedalling next week, that's it for me.


Edit: That said, I won't advise this way I'm forced to train for anybody, stamina (for one) is shot to pieces! Cry Next year, start training earlier, but training in tha last week will do more bad than good - you won't improve on fitness.


SeaBee2010-03-05 08:10:33

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You have experience of this race, newbie234.


That counts for a lot.


It cannot be bought!




Remember that.





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