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  1. MasterJ are you still in the area, or do you perhaps know if that trail from Silwerstrand is still allowed?
  2. Nothing beats commuting for endurance! It's that afternoon ride in the bad weather to get home that I wouldn't have done otherwise. When I was at Unisa there was a cyclist colleague who regularly told me he does not commute because he prefers quality training. It was only after I've beaten him multiple times (because the first few were luck) that he later also started commuting.
  3. After 25 years of commuting, rode my last commute last week. Looking forward t some micro-adventures which may include cycling, but work will now be from home.
  4. Reinet! Ek sien hierdie nou eers. Rus in vrede Cois. Dink aan jou Reinet. Baie sterkte.
  5. Also back at the office. Wrote the Jimny off about 4 months ago; it has done only 6000 kms in the last 2 years, so haven't replaced it yet. Taking the 26er in to the office. Rudely learnt that 3 times a week on Rouvy is not the same as commuting twice a day. Oh my word it's hard! Luckily Mr Cat-i goes in to Sandton on Thursdays, and some other days when he feels too sorry for me. Slowly getting there again.
  6. I got hold of a new spark 910 (Contessa, in the most exquisite salmon pink) last year for 54k. it was 2020 stock. It was a small, which helped - the medium was quite a bit more expensive. O got mine through Linden Cycles - where are you based?
  7. 10000 in a full year should have been broken a long time ago. Maybe finally next year.
  8. Everything Escapee said. I am very jealous,
  9. Loved the ride this morning. Wasn't wasn't as flat as the promo suggested - great last minute training for Reitz BielieMielie next weekend.
  10. I overestimated by ability to get up for a morning-commute when it's pouring outside. It's so much easier in the afternoons - got to get home. So Hairy, even though you wont be cycling for a while, I haven't caught you like I hoped, and now heading for work-from-home the next 2 weeks. Will try again next month!
  11. I'm sure Rosemary Hill was on this list, but now can't find it anywhere. It will have to be Northern Farms, then. Hope it's not too muddy after the recent torrential rain.
  12. Loved the stats that was available on Endomondo - last year I could keep tabs on everyone's weekly/monthly mileage, insights into riding patterns, see when the patterns changed - for me, last year was as much an exercise in data mining than it was in being outside for longer. Those types of stats isn't available on Strava - or Iif they are, I dont know where to look. I see on their email they suggest MapMyRun. nayone got experience with that?
  13. My husband is trying to fit he whole year into the last few weeks ... so we entered BielieMielie in less than 2 weeks, and the weekend after that, Sani stagger trailrun ... after 6 months of doing very little, I will have to either run or cycle into the office to cram in all the last minute training I can get - nevermind the weather.
  14. I'm in two minds about that. We've been working from home 2 weeks, and then in to office 2 weeks. Love the commutes on mornings like today - The Jakaranda-purple streets washed clean after the weekend storms. But love the convenience of working from home!
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