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Saddle fit 27cm vs 30cm lenght - what setback?


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If my setback (behind BB) is 6cm with a 27cm long Selle italia , and I want to fit a Fizik Arione 30cm length - what should my setback be ?


Consider that all 3 cm length difference in the Arione is not all just to the nose - I guess its like 1cm at the nose longer that the selle italia and +- 2 cm longer at the back - looking at pictures comparing other selle italias with the Arione.


So my conclusion - if its 1 cm longer on the nose of the saddle then my setback should be 5 cm (behind BB)


Anyone have experience with Fizik Arione setup ?


Obviously I will adjust according to feel later on if everything does not feel well.


See this site for more info :  http://www.bikesportmichigan.com/reviews/arione.shtml




ASTANA2010-03-08 07:35:26

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Not that complicated. Just sit on the thing, find the sweetspot and use a plumbline to measure your knee over the pedal exle.

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