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Which Bike?


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About to go shopping for the Mrs... smiley2.gif




Her intention is to do the 94.7 and Argus, so plans to get into the training thing a bit more seriously.




In the past she has only ridden a mtb, but I feel a road bike would suit her best for the above events (obviously).




However I only ride a mtb...




Do do I get her a mtb (and slick it for the above events) or road bike and get her to use her old crappy bike for our rides together? smiley5.gif




I know most would say take the gap and get yourself another bike too - has crossed my mind! smiley15.gif

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if you wanna spend time with he it would be better to have a MTB then.


But if you want he to do her own thing now and again, a road bike.


this way you can go and ride on your own etc.


but buying her a road bike and not a new MTB might create problems in the long run and she would like to have a NEW mtb as well.


go MTB. except if you buy both of you new road bikes ?


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Get her a road bike. Much nicer to ride on the road.


When you ride together just ride your mtb with her. It is good training.


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With the way the roads are, and the amount of fun to be had on a MTB, I would say.....mountain bike! I suppose you also need to decide how much you are spending and if the missus will keep up the road cycling?

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If you do most of your rides together, just get her a mtb and slick it for the road races. I don't see the point in buying a road bike for two races a year.




You have to calculate the amount of time she'll spend on the road bike throughout the year vs the mtb. Personally, I'd rather have a decent mtb (and slick it for road races) than a crappy mtb and a crappy road bike.

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