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Physio: Bike Setups & Cycling Injuries

Garric Vosloo

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Hi. We can assist in bike setups and cycling injuries. At Sun Valley Physiotherapy, based in Kyalami, gauteng, I am a sports physiotherapist (and cycling ethuisiast) with a special interest in cycling injuries & bike setups.  This skill & technology has developed due to the necessity seen after years of treating chronic cycling injuries / niggles. While cycling at our facility, we are able to analyse your setup using the latest laser technology, cameras, and motion software and then do the appropriate changes. This specialised bike setup has been developed to optimise biomechanical output i.e. maximise power through the pedal - shoe interface. Secondly, to maximise comfort and position. Thirdly, reduce the incidents of injury and niggles. For more details www.garricvosloo.co.za Garric Vosloo2010-03-19 07:40:38

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Please pm me your contact details. I've contact two well known bike setup pros and and I'm still waiting for them to get back to me after 6 weeks.

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