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CPT Brackenfell, Beginner Group


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What do you call 'beginner'? Road or mtb? How long, how often, how far do you want to ride? I posted this (below), and have had NO replies! I think the people on the hub must all be race snakes!


Anyone looking for 'slow' rides during the week? Lady rider looking for

people to ride with any day of the week, road and/or mtb. I stay in the

Tygervalley area, close to Majik Forest. Happy to do road rides at a

slow pace of around 20-22km/hour. Mountain bike rides - happy to tackle

hills and quite rough terrain, as long as its a slow pace. Fast riders

will just get bored, irritated or fall asleep!




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Beginner as to the point I'm only getting my bike this Friday, and it wil be my first one since standard 4 Confused


It will be the normal combo Road and MTB. Guess more roadwork to start off with to get at least some level of fitness and the occasional easy/intermediate trail over weekends.


I also work in Parc du cap and will probably do some rides at Majik Forest in the evenings for a bit of fun.


And how long and how far I am not sure lol guess just easy slow paced rides as you say. Basically to start off with we will just have to put down a comfortable figure and do that regularly till we feel we can do better.


Probably also going to test the new bikes at Delvera the easy 7km track this Sunday.
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City CC members meet on the new Burgundy Bridge at 5.30 pm every wednesday evening, some just go to the end of the gravel on malanshoogte and some do the occultsdale , spes bona circuit. they will look after you. lights essential.

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Thanks CCC2 :) think ill first cycle for a month or so just to build up some level of fitness and stamina before I attempt to join a club. dont want to hold up the whole procession lol.Clap

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