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Discs and Mud


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Went for a ride yesterday and got caught up in some rain 30km from home. After a while of dodging puddles I thought stuff it and went through a fair few and rode muddy tracks and had some dirty fun (I was wet anyway!).

However my discs squeeled like stuck pigs, is there something you can get to clean the discs before they enter the caliper section? Like a scraper or something that mounts to the fork? I had to use my precious water to rinse them off, many times I might add!

What do the riders use/do when doing long distance in muddy terrain to stop themselves going mad listening to that annoying squeek/scrape/scratch sound?

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Apply the levers to drag the brakes a bit and clean them. Not ideal but works quite well.

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you've got the tune now just write the lyrics


Not much you can do. In a wet race this is all you hear


You do get some fancy (expensive) pads that are not supposed to squeal in the wet but I have never tried them. 


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Guest Big H
Invent something...added weight


I though Carbon Fibre weighs nothing.... well the frmae manufacturers claim that!!!!!


Who remembers the glass/thorn scraper that was mounted above the tyre that scraped thingies out before they became punctures??????
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