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Brake hose replacement?

El Saltemontes

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I bought a set of deore 535 disc brakes from a hubber but the hoses are too short. I am about to order a few meters of Fibrax brake hose from CRC


Is the fibrax hose good for Shimano brakes?

Do I also need to order the olives and inserts, if so how many?

When I undo the holding nuts at both the lever end and the caliper end do I then just pull the old hose out?

Is this something that an inexperianced home machanic should be looking at?
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I will recommend Goodridge hoses - they are great.

If you want any hoses and just make them work, it will prob be easier to go via LBS, only pay for what you use
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Alternatively give HEL a try. A good alternative to Goodridge and you can get hoses cut to length and shipped to you to save you the fuss of having to sort them out yourself ;)

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