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105 Cassette change


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Is is possible to change the Shimano 105 cassette from a 9sp to a 10 sp with some adjustments only - or does the derailer have to change as well

the bike is a Raleigh 2007 RS6000
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To go for 9 to 10 speed, you will need a totally different groupset. ie, 10sp sti's, FD, chainrings, chain and RD.

Wish it was as easy as just changing the cassette.
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You would not need to change all that.


The chain yes

The Sti's yes

The Front derailleur not necessary (you are not changing from standard to tripple chainrings)

The Rear derailleur not necessary to change (I am using a "9" speed duara ace RD on a 10 speed bike and I am sure it will be able to handle 11 gears if needed!) 


The freebody on the hub would need to change from 9 to 10 speed.


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