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XT upgrade, confusion with sizes


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I'm considering upgrading my complete groupset to XT. i have various bits of SRAM.Time for a change!




My questions are as follows:




1. Front derailleur comes in 2 sizes 28.6 & 34.9 and 31.8          &34.9, how do i figure out what size to use?




2. How do I measure crank length, from the center of the BB to the center of the pedal spindle?




3. Re the rear derailleur, is the Shadow the best option?





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1. measure the diameter if the seat tube with a vernier - or what frame do you have - most shimano derailleurs are dual pull and come with the bands to accommodate all 3 sizes so its one size fits all.




2. it should be stamped on your current crank arm near the pedal - 97% of the time it will be a 175mm




3. personal preference.




4. most people change from shimano to sram....

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The new XT derailleurs comes with shims. So see what size you seat post collar is and get the same. Otherwise check the seatpost size and see which one is just bigger then that.




There's normally a number printed on the inside of the cranks at the pedal hole. Otherwise your method is 100%




Shadow XT is the best you can get.

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4. Most people THINK Sram is better...I don't think its leaps and bounds ahead, it all works the same...

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