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Problems with your Mavic FTSL Freewheel Body?


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As you might know the Mavic Freewheel body uses a nylon bush. If this starts wearing out, which it does and it will again and again, you have three (four) choices.


a) Buy a new freebody since Mavic does not sell the bush separate

b) Buy an aftermarket bush which will wear again

c) Throw the wheels away - call me

d) replace the bush with a bearing


I've gone for option B and then D. My freewheel now has ceramic bearings with less drag and (very important) less maintenance!!!! What a pleasure. I can now eventually enjoy my Mavic wheels without fearing the next loud screech as I go down a hill. Let me know if you have this problem I might be able to help.


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You replace the nylon bush with a ceramic bearing. This means that when you freewheel you are spinning a bearing and no running a bush over the hub body. The kit is sold with everything needed to do the conversion, even a tool to size the hub body if you are in the fortunate position to have no wear. Mine worked out to about R340 where as a new freebody is ~R500. The guy who makes these are in the states and I had somebody bring it over for me.



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