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Derailleur Hangers & Retention Compound


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On Sunday when cleaning my Epiphany after Clarens, I struggled to remove the rear wheel.  At first I though I bend the hanger during 1 of 2 offs, but on closer inspection I saw this:

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I mailed Ellsworth and Tony replied saying that it is not uncommon for there to be some play.  He advised to use ?some blue loctite (medium strength thread locking compound) or ?retention compound?? to help hold it in position.  He mentions that the retention compound works beter and prevents potential creaking sounds from dust & stuff getting in there.


So where do I get this Retention Compound easily?


And is that gap normal ? I really would have thought that handcrafted Ellsworth frame would have a much beter fit?

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Hand crafted? I think not, they are all built by robots...You can get blue loctite from Mica, Midas, Builders Warehouse, Autozone, Bearing man basically any hardware shop worth their peas...

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