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Tubless tyre conversion advice

Braai Vleis

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Hey Guys


I have a Merida 96 3000D, I want to upgrade to tubless tyres but have the following questions.


1) My LBS said that the DT Swiss rims are tubless ready - so just need convert etc, but, a guy at another bike shop said that the rims are not tubeless ready and that I need to buy new rims. The rims are DT Swiss X445 Disc. What do I do


2) If I convert which are the best tyres to use? Im currently using Schwalbe Rocket Rons


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You never have to buy new rims. A tubeless ready rim is just a rim with some tape that covers the spoke holes. Any rim is thus tubeless ready - give or take a piece of tape.


We've discussed these things here often. Search for Ghetto Tubeless Conversion (or such, using Ghetto) and you'll find all the answers.

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Oh yes, and you have to be VERY VERY strong to get a Maxxiss UST tyre on a DT Swiss rim. You also need some motorbike tyre levers. Just go with standard tyres (in other words, non-tubeless), some gorilla snot and the rim valves and tape.


An of course, a compressor.

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Sorry for the high jack but it is relevant ;:


Johan can you explain how the ERTO dimension of rim/tyre would influence the fit on the rim and what ERTO means ?
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Can someone please tell me wot this is on a tire (53-559)

wot number tells me if its a hi or low volume tire?
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