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Night rides at Giba Gorge every Wednesday


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Hi Guys and Girls,


<DIV> </DIV>


<DIV>There is a small group of us who night ride every wednesday at Giba Gorge (guys and girls). We leave the parking lot at 5pm for a 2 hour night ride all over Giba. The trails are totally different at night and the riding is fantastic.</DIV>


<DIV> </DIV>


<DIV>We ride at a very social "talking" pace, no one gets left behind, and we always have a ball.</DIV>


<DIV>After the ride we have a few beers and a burger at the Giba Cafe. Its an awesome midweek break.</DIV>


<DIV> </DIV>


<DIV>All are welcome, just pay your entry into the park at the gate.</DIV>


<DIV> </DIV>


<DIV>Come and experiance the night life at Giba Gorge on a wednesday... Hope to see you there soon.</DIV>


<DIV> </DIV>




I there anybody that rides at Giba on Wednesday or Friday evenings?

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