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Kenda Small block eight UST Sealing

Clint Adams

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Got good  set of UST SM8 from a friend this morning.Back tire has about 80% tread still on. Got everything with it. The front tire installed and it inflated easily and its holding its Presure!

The back one however is not sealing and there's sealant coming out of the tire everywhere.

Should I try a compressor @ the garage?


I want to go riding this afternoon!!!! @ 3PM


Help please help.

clintadam2010-04-30 02:25:09

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Put a tube in. rub sealant on one side of the bead.


Inflate till hard.


leave for 1hour.


Break the one side of the bead witout the sealant, the other side should still remain sealed.


Removed the tube, pour sealant in and remount the tyre.




Should seal no problem.


TNOSE_E2010-04-30 02:32:14

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Mmm, I had problems getting mine to seal along the rim but that was because they had been folded for a while.




The tube idea sounds solid. Otherwise I found that by having the valve at the top and by pressing down on the tyre directly above the valve, it can seal it enough to get it up and there after the sealant can do its thing. I only had a floor pump so I was absolutely bushed after doing mine, ha ha, took an age but great first time experience.

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Any feedback on how they performed? I'm particularly interested in the SB8 performance in front.

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