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  1. Upgraded the wheel set on my road bike. The new set is Winspace Hyper 38mm. They’ve been a fantastic weight saving addition, dropping almost 580g from my previous set. Running these tubeless which has not been as simple as on the MTB but these tyres have very leaky sidewalks I’ve found.
  2. Sarrou leaving perhaps opens the purse string for PFP Absolute Absalon. Who did Braidot ride for? I can’t remember and feeling too lazy to Google it.
  3. Perhaps old news for some; I didn’t get much tile yesterday to check the news. Loris Vergier to Trek Richie Port, Adam Yates and Laurens de Plus to Grenadiers What have I missed?
  4. That will be an interesting move and will make for some exciting racing from the CFR boys. It would also make for a 4 men’s team seeing that Manny will likely leave mid to end of season. Has it been confirmed that Batty will be riding for her husbands yet to be announced team; or am I late on that?
  5. I agree completely with the two-case economy. I used to tease myself by browsing Domain with a price range filter applied; <= $650,000. I had some good options pop up about 12 to 18 months ago. Now, I can only find houses which are clearly rentals with >20 years of neglect in them or wood cutters cottages more than 15km from the city. And you're quite right about living on a single income. We manage fine but there is no saving for holidays and luxuries and certainly nothing going to property deposits. It perhaps makes me feel a bit more normal to hear that it's not all in my head because I can't shake the feeling of being left behind.
  6. My only question. How are people affording these prices? I have a good job; I think. As part of life, my wife took 9/12 months off this year to be with our son. Earnings have been significantly reduced because of this. But despite two full years of very good saving ethic, we are still likely two years away from having a deposit. And I'm only talking about a $700,000 place. So my second question. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Why not a different development/developer in Wanaka? Sounds like the town/area is the happy place for your family.
  8. Trying out something supposed to be more slippery. Looking forward to my morning ride tomorrow.
  9. Facebook market place is also widely used. I hate it as you can never drill down on exactly what you want and end up with tons of unwated ads.
  10. Your knowledge base is expanding exponentially! First squeakers and now frogs
  11. Yip. Great product. I've had mine for ~one year and had no issues; no leaks, tube doesn't perish and I've had no worries about it coming loose. As said, get it nice and snug under the saddle and ensure the velcro is down and you'll have no problems.
  12. Sounds bad and the pics of the helmet look bad. I’ve had too many friends in the last year have falls involving back injuries. One is partially paralysed as a result and two others are looking at a minimum of 12 weeks off the bike before being allowed to start on an indoor bike. I hope you have a speedy and full recovery.
  13. I can't find where the CFR is 0.2%. Australia is ~1.5% while Italy is 14%. At this point the global CFR may well work out to be low, around the 0.2% but until tests start showing that, it's reaching to claim it as the case. With influenza having been studied and tested over a long period, we know the probable CFR of 0.1%. If only we had the ability to run political policies in parallel universes and then jump back to the start to take the best path.
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