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  1. https://trailtechcycles.co.za/collections/helmets I think most of the LEATT helmets are magnetic fasteners.
  2. Have had many failures trying to order from the Addict and now recently the Sharp. Put things on special but can't guarantee stock. Onedayonly models rely on good suppliers, else they are doomed!
  3. If your unit is still working (Try on a friends strap) just pop it onto a polar softstrap and move on...
  4. Some good some not so... Don't have a sale and then you have to enquirer or get a quote if they have stock or not. Which they have to source from their suppliers anyway and is mostly out.... Seems a bit cart before horse to me... Confirm your suppliers have the stock you want to put on sale first......
  5. While the streets are open the pedals are turning! Group rides as per normal, Off to Clarens for the weekend for some awesome MTB family isolation.....
  6. From FB.... "It is with a heavy heart that we write to you to inform you that our time with Modderfontein has come to an end. We prefer not to delve into the details at this stage as we are in the process of pursuing legal action. Many of you will have noticed a steady deterioration in the standards of the park in recent months, those who have been with us for many years will obviously know the extremely high standards that we set for ourselves and we want to assure you that the situation has caused us as much unhappiness as it has caused you. Some of you will have reported that fees may have been increased, we have no knowledge or control over this and we apologise should this be the case. We have certainly not been a part of any decisions to increase fees. There may be outstanding access cards held by some of you which we are in the process of resolving with The Reserve should you have any queries in this regard please contact us directly. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your unwavering support over the past seven years. Rest assured that we will go from strength to strength and look forward to bright opportunities that we will communicate to you in the coming weeks. All the best and safe riding always Two The Core Team"
  7. After a big crash today sees Ross 1h27 back on today's stage nursing a damaged shoulder... pitty!
  8. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-xt-m8000-11sp-upgrade-kit-1146 Maybe at a real Black Friday price.....
  9. Same old same old here, regurgitated old stock on sale for infants or giants... or inflated retail prices to justify their "Sale" price.....
  10. Shockpump in cart.... https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/response-1x-chainring-bolts to add to it!
  11. https://www.rapide.co.za/ Wayne will get you rollin!
  12. Normally use any plastic bar end with a hole in the insert side. ESI ones you get with their foam grips work the best. I have them in 7 bikes and have never lost one that just fell out (Clipping trees is a different story).
  13. I just grind down the generic screwdriver type plug applicator and glue it into my bar end plug. Push back into the handlebar with loaded plug and spare.
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