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Merida 120 TFS 800-D:-anybody ride one? opions pls


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I'm not too familiar with Meridas.

A mate of mine who is new to Mountain biking has a choice of between one of these and the HFS 1000-D.

but there is a substantial price difference , I just want to establish if that difference is justified for the 1000 or if, for the sub 20K price range, the 800 is a good bike?


I've been on the Merida site and spec wise they're similar although the 1000 is now full XT as opposed to specs mentioned on the site.




I need to know from those of you who've either ridden or own these bikes




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This is just plain weird. I've done the exact same think this week and decided to get the 96. I believe both are excellent value for money. It's six of the one and half a dozen of the other. The 1000 is a bit better spec'd while the 800 has more travel. XT vs SLX? I have both and to be honest hell will have to freeze over before I spend the extra $$ on a XL cranks when SLX is just as good.


Personally I chose the 96 because I want the shock a bit further up and more importantly I wanted the black/white/green scheme on the 96. Oh yes the white hayes strokers rock!


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