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Sram red or Durace 7900?


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Not sure if this topic has been posted.

I'm wanting to upgrade to either Sram Red or Durace 7900.

Any advice? where is the best place to buy a complete group set?



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Personal preference. Red is a lot lighter. Being top end groupset they both work beautifully. I like Red because of its weight and aesthetics. CWC is a good place to buy entire groupsets.

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Red is a lot lighter but Dura Ace is just so much more sexier.


7800 looks much better than the new 7900 and it also feels more comfortable to me.
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Prices from totalcycling.com:

Red: R11062

DA7900: R10581


DA7900 has got the best brake calipers of any group. Red not bad, though.


I give Da7900 the edge on crankset, too. Crank stiffness & weight fairly close (DA7900 about 35 grams lighter.) Big difference in chainring stiffness, though. DA probably has the stiffest rings on the market at present, to provide optimized performance with Di2. Red chanrings had bending problems under lots of power, but this may have been fixed.



Of the 3 to road gruppos, Shimano still has the worst ergonomics in terms of shifter shape. DA shifters will be a bigger problem for a person with small hands. Red wins on comfort.

The Red chan is crap. It has broken on pro team bikes, as well as on the bikes of some guys who race vets with me.  If you go for Red, get a DA7800 chain.

Shift quality: Red wins. DA7900 not bad, but with the changed routing & new rear der, DA7900 shifting not as good as DA7800.

Red drivetrain runs with a bit more noise than DA. Love the casette design.


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